BAE Systems honors Brandstrom Instruments, Inc. with a Gold Tier Supplier award

Ridgefield, CT – May 15, 2024 – Brandstrom Instruments, Inc. today announced it received another Gold Tier Award for being a Gold Supplier in 2023.

Brandstrom Instruments has received this award from BAE Systems for each year since 2019.

BAE Systems honors Brandstrom Instruments, Inc. with a Gold Tier Supplier award

Ridgefield, CT – March 29, 2022 – Brandstrom Instruments, Inc. today announced it received a Gold Tier Award for exceptional performance and contributions to supply chain success for BAE Systems, Inc.’s Electronic Systems sector. Brandstrom Instruments, Inc. was honored at a virtual ceremony and was selected from the pool of suppliers that worked with BAE Systems in 2021.

Tom Allard, Vice President of Brandstrom Instruments, Inc. said, “It’s Brandstrom’s mission is to consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectations for product, quality, reliability, performance, and delivery by providing products and services of the highest possible standards and integrity.”

BAE Systems’ Partner 2 Win program is designed to achieve operational excellence and eliminate defects in its supply chain by raising the bar of performance expectations to meet the demand of current and future customers. As part of the program, BAE Systems meets regularly with its suppliers to transfer best practices to ensure that the components and materials that compose BAE Systems products meet the highest quality standards.

“We are very grateful for the partnership of companies like Brandstrom Instruments, Inc. and look forward to another year of exceptional performance,” said Kim Cadorette, Vice President of Operations for BAE Systems’ Electronic Systems sector.

About BAE Systems

BAE Systems, Inc. and its 35,000 people are part of a global defense, aerospace, and security company with 89,600 employees worldwide. We deliver a full range of products and services for air, land, sea and space, as well as advanced electronics, intelligence, security, and IT solutions and support services. Our dedication shows in everything we design, produce and deliver— to protect those who protect us in a high-performance, innovative culture. We push the limits of possibility to provide a critical advantage to our customers where it counts.

About Brandstrom Instruments, Inc.

Brandstrom Instruments, Inc. was founded in 1972 serving the aircraft industry with the design and manufacture of warning indicators for cockpit panel instruments. Known for quality and reliability in the aerospace avionics instrumentation field, we’ve expanded our customer base to encompass demanding and stringent performance specifications for tier one defense contractors, scientific laser systems, spectroscopy, bioscience, space-based systems, and high technology applications.

We are the solution for precision rotary solenoid, shutter, and indicator applications. Our collaborative engineering and manufacturing approach facilitates concept design criteria flow through to completion. Using SolidWorks 3D software, we design for tight spaces, low power consumption, high torque, quality, and reliability. We’ll help bring an approved form and fit model right to the control drawing for final validation. Production designs start with low rate to vet product performance or full rate ramp up immediately after approval.

Brandstrom Instruments, Inc. is equipped with multi-axis Swiss type CNC machines, capable of complicated components with tight tolerance and high repeatability. We produce stamped or machined solenoid attachments out of a variety of materials and machine features into attachments for the installation of filters or lenses. Mounting details can be machined into the solenoid body, thus reducing assembly time/labor on your installation level.

Brandstrom Instruments, Inc. products are Made in the USA. We are located in Ridgefield, CT, certified to AS9100D/ISO 9001:2015, and Compliant to ITAR, NIST SP 800-171, SAM, CMMC


Lockheed Martin Fire and Controls Supplier Spotlight (August 2021)

Founded in 1972, Brandstrom Instruments is a preeminent manufacturer of robust precision optical shutters for thermal imaging and laser applications.. We have produced over 250,000 shutters for many programs, including, TWSII, TWS Bridge, DVE, DRVCS, LTLM, CHECK6®, TIMTM 1500, FWS-1, ENVG II and ENVG-B, to name a few.

Our innovative solenoid and optical shutter designs provide high levels of reliability for increasingly constrained envelop spaces and power specifications. We are compatible with today’s (and tomorrow’s) compact, high performance requirements. Robust Brandstrom shutters feature compact design, high torque, lower power consumption and silent operation. (Meeting Level II Aural Non-detectability requirements for 10 meters, as specified in Requirement 2 of MIL-STD-1474 when mounted in a device.)

We have flexible, highly automated manufacturing equipment and can be the best supplier for both short and long run programs. We easily customize our designs for prototypes, custom mountings, etc. We do not charge for engineering nor tooling. We have a full QC laboratory, are vertically integrated, 100% US content, 100% US ownership.

Our Quality Policy

Consistently meet or exceed our customers expectations for product quality, reliability, performance and delivery by providing products and services of the highest possible standards and integrity with continuous improvement.