Rotary Solenoids,
Shutters &
Warning Indicators

Rotary Solenoid Products

Brandstrom Instruments is an industry leading provider of precision electromagnetic rotary drive solenoids that exceed the demanding and stringent performance specifications for defense, aerospace and high technology applications.
  • Custom Designs: All Shutter assemblies can be custom designed to fit your envelope constraints and unique mounting demands.
  • Solve Critical Designs: A proven track record in solving critical design issues helping clients move forward to achieve program success.
  • Standard Options: We also have a line of rotary solenoids from which you can select to meet your specific application.
  • Capacity for Volume: Since we are vertically integrated, we have the ability to adjust production to accommodate prototype quantities to tens of thousands of units. Brandstrom is your one stop solution!

Our Quality Policy

Consistently meet or exceed our customers expectations for product quality, reliability, performance and delivery by providing products and services of the highest possible standards and integrity with continuous improvement.