Since 1972, Brandstrom Instruments has been a manufacturer of quality rotary solenoids for varied applications.

Brandstrom Instruments was founded in 1972 serving the aircraft industry with the design and manufacture of warning indicators for cockpit panel instruments. We quickly became known for our quality and reliability in the avionics instrumentation field.

Over the years, building on our reputation for quality, Brandstrom Instruments has expanded its customer base from aerospace to include tier one defense contractors, scientific laser systems, spectroscopy and bioscience, as well as space-based systems.

Brandstrom Instruments Facilities in Ridgefield, CT

Brandstrom Instruments has become the solution for precision rotary solenoid, shutter and indicator applications. We pride ourselves on providing engineers with products of high quality and reliability while designing for tight spaces, low power consumption and high torque.

Our concurrent engineering and manufacturing approach allows us to work promptly with our customers from the conceptual stage of a design through to completion. All designs are done using SolidWorks 3D design software.

The concurrent engineering process provides a collaborative environment where Brandstrom engineers and the customer address design criteria through sketches or 3D models. Once the model has been approved for form and fit, a control drawing is provided for final approval. A design can either start with low rate production to validate product performance or ramp up to full rate production immediately after approval.

We are equipped with multi-axis Swiss type CNC machines, capable of complicated components with tight tolerance and high repeatability. We can produce stamped or machined solenoid attachments out of a variety of materials and can machine features into attachments for the installation of filters or lenses. Mounting details can be machined into the solenoid body, thus reducing assembly time/labor on your installation level.


  • Concurrent engineering process
  • Customization
  • Prototype design
  • High tolerance machined parts with high repeatability
  • Low to high volume manufacturing
  • High reliability
  • ITAR and SAM registered
  • CMMC and NIST 800-171 compliant.

Brandstrom Instruments has two manufacturing facilities located in Ridgefield CT. We are certified to AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015.