Frequently asked Questions.

Q:  Are you able to manufacture devices for unique environments?
A:  Yes. We routinely work with applications in vacuum environments as well as with many customers in the aerospace fields that have low outgas requirements.

Q:  Do you sell internationally?
A:  Absolutely! With the exception of some trade-regulated countries we regularly work with customers all over the world.

Q:  What is the minimum order for custom designs?
A:  Custom designs typically require a 5 piece minimum, with some exceptions. Submit your inquiry here for more details.

Q:  Do you have data sheets?
A:  Yes, Look for links to PDF datasheets/drawings on the Rotary Solenoids page.

Q:  What is the difference between bi-stable and self-restoring types?
A:  Visit the Rotary Solenoids page to see bi-stable and self-restoring operation in action, as well as to read more about the different types of solenoids we manufacture.

Q:  Where can I find torque data?
A:  You may use the submit an inquiry link to ask about a specific design's torque and other load characteristics.

Q:  What forms of payments are accepted?
A:  Accepted forms of payment are business check or money transfer (terms net 30 with purchase order), or a major credit card.

Q:  What certification does Brandstrom Instruments have?
A:  We are Certified to AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015, click here to view our certification.

Q:  Where are your products manufactured?
A:  All of our products are manufactured at our facilities in Ridgefield CT, U.S.A. We utilize domestic materials and suppliers.

Q:  What is your warranty?
A:  Brandstrom Instruments warrantees our products for one year from date of shipment.