Engineering & Manufacturing Capabilities

Brandstrom Instruments has two Connecticut-based, state of the art manufacturing facilities commensurate with being a high capacity, vertically integrated shutter manufacturer. We have uniquely positioned ourselves with a flexible, high tech design and manufacturing approach that provides elegant solutions in response to demanding customer design parameters.

The company is equipped with the most current multi-axis Swiss type CNC machines, capable of converting any bar material into complicated components that are both consistent and concentric without the need for secondary operations. Consequently, we can produce closely toleranced parts that can dramatically save on space and weight, and add to the operating efficiencies of your device.



Systems Integration

  • Domain experience with component and system interface
  • Resolution of challenging design constraints
  • Optimization of existing designs
  • Simplification of existing designs


  • Concurrent engineering / manufacturing process
  • Seamless transition of designs to low and high rate production
  • Continued investment in state of the art equipment

Our Concurrent Engineering Process

The concurrent engineering process provides a collaborative environment where Brandstrom engineers and our customers addresses part geometries, materials and manufacturing approaches during the design phase. This process allows the commencement of low rate initial production during the design phase in order to proove out the design, make real time product improvements and validate product performance. The benefits to our customers are a compliant shutter device with a reduced product lead time.

By integrating decades of experience with the latest SolidWorks CAD software, our innovative design team is able to expedite the development of a truly form, fit and functionally interchangeable shutter device, offering more features than are currently available from existing off the shelf devices.