Infrared IR Shutters & Thermal Imaging Shutters

We design custom NUC (non-uniformity correction) shutters for uncooled and cooled IR (Infrared imaging) camera systems for FPA (focal plane array), Bolometer arrays, and Infrared image sensor calibration.

Brandstrom Instruments’ NUC (nonuniformity correction) shutters are found in many high performance thermal imaging cameras, cooled and uncooled, providing internal focal uniformity references. We are currently designing products for next generation technologies, such as:

  • 17µ 640 x 480 Thermal Imaging Modules (TIM)
  • Image fusion of Image Intensification (I2), Long Wave IR (LWIR) and Short Wave IR (SWIR).

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Infrared Actuator Specifications

Our thermal imaging / NUC shutters block apertures from 1mm to several inches in diameter. We can customize power, travel, mountings, blade dimensions, hall effect magnets and many other features to your exact specifications.

Blade Type

  • Flat
  • Cylindrical
  • Pocket Machined
  • Profiled

Blade Material

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Filter Materials

Blade Finish

  • Black Anodized
  • Electroless Nickel
  • Diffuse Gold Plate
  • Painted


  • Thermal Absorptive
  • Low Emissivity
  • Specialty coatings

Rotary Solenoid Configurations

All rotary solenoids manufactured by Brandstrom Instruments operate based on the principle of a spring-free, electromagnetic system. Mechanical and electrical operating parameters can differ depending upon application, but all rotary solenoids conform to one of the three configurations described below:

Bi-Stable Solenoid

Click & release the power button to test.

When the Bi-stable solenoid is energized with a pulse, the shutter rotates from the start position to the secondary position. It will remain magnetically latched in the secondary position until an opposite polarity pulse is applied, returning the shutter to its starting position


Self-Restoring Solenoid

Click & hold the power button to test.

The solenoid is magnetically latched in its home position until it is energized, then the shutter will rotate to the secondary position and remain there until power is removed, allowing it to return to the home position.


Self-Restoring 3 Position Solenoid

Click & hold the positive or negative power buttons to test.

The solenoid is magnetically balanced in a center position until it is energized; then the shutter rotates to position 2 and remains there until power is removed, returning the shutter to the center position. A reverse polarity pulse is applied to rotate the shutter in the opposite direction to position 3 where it will remain until power is removed, returning the shutter to the center position once again.

– power
+ power