Our Line of Bi-Stable and Self-Restoring Rotary Solenoids

Capacity for Volume: Since we are vertically integrated, we have the ability to adjust production to accommodate prototype quantities to tens of thousands of units. Brandstrom is your one-stop rotary solenoid solution!

For standard off-the-shelf applications, Brandstrom manufactures a comprehensive line of bi-stable, self-restoring (momentary) and self-restoring 3 position solenoids. This product selector lets you view the Brandstrom product with the options you want.

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About Rotary Magnetic Solenoids

Rotary solenoids are devices which convert electrical energy into rotational mechanical energy. A magnetic field is created when electricity flows through a coil of wire (solenoid) inside the device. The orthogonal component of the magnetic field relative to the poles of an internal drive magnet is what creates the rotational force (torque) used to move the shaft of the device.

Miniature rotary solenoids can be used as rotary actuators for lightweight mechanical linkages.

Rotary Solenoid Configurations

All rotary solenoids manufactured by Brandstrom Instruments operate based on the principle of a spring-free, electromagnetic system. Mechanical and electrical operating parameters can differ depending upon application. This interactive element shows a Bi-Stable solenoid configuration:

Bi-Stable Solenoid

Click & release the power button to test.

When the Bi-stable solenoid is energized with a pulse, the shutter rotates from the start position to the secondary position. It will remain magnetically latched in the secondary position until an opposite polarity pulse is applied, returning the shutter to its starting position


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Bi-stable Rotary Solenoids:

Bi-stable is used in applications where power usage is a concern. This is common for devices that rely on batteries as their sole source of power. Bi-stable can also be configured for high torque for use in actuator applications.

In a Bi-Stable Rotary Solenoid configuration, when the solenoid is energized with a pulse, the shutter rotates from the start position to the secondary position. It will remain magnetically latched in the secondary position until an opposite polarity pulse is applied, returning the shutter to its starting position.

Applications for Rotary Solenoids

Brandstrom Instruments manufactures miniature rotary solenoid shutters, for thermal imaging, laser, aerospace, and scientific applications, that are designed to meet your critical performance specifications.

Thermal Imaging: Brandstrom shutters are used in Thermal Imaging applications where NUC (Non-Uniformity Correction) is required. Various shutter finishes are available to meet your specified requirements.

Laser: For laser applications, Brandstrom can supply optical beam shutters for light control or as a fail safe in a multitude of applications. Shutter shape (round, square, cylindrical, etc.) is manufactured to your specifications while lenses, mirrors, and ceramic discs can be attached to filter, reflect, or block light.

Aerospace: Solenoids for use in aerospace applications are available with indicator attachments for instrumentation. Painting and silk-screening are performed to match your artwork features.

Scientific: Brandstrom shutters and filter holder solenoids are used for many bioscience/spectroscopy applications where light control and measurement is involved. Failsafe self restoring solenoids are utilized when safety is a top priority.

Configuration Options

Additional specifications can be requested to further customize a configuration for your application:

High Holding Torque: Rotary solenoids are available in a high torque configuration for applications where the solenoid will be exposed to high shock loads.

High Actuation Torque: For applications requiring fast response time or movement of a large mass, solenoids can be configured to output high energized torque.

Long Life: An enhanced bearing system is available for extended life applications to ensure minimal wear and axial endplay,

Low Outgas: Solenoids can be built to withstand ultra high vacuum environments by ensuring all materials of construction have low outgassing characteristics.

Mounting Features: Adding a custom flange machined onto the body of the solenoid eliminates the need for extra hardware and allows for ease of installation.

Custom Attachments: Attachments can be customized to meet your design specifications for any blocking, filtering, reflecting, calibration or actuation application

Balanced Attachments: Using a rotationally balanced shutter addresses the risk of shutter state change during shock and vibration.

Position Sensing: Determining the shutter position is possible with the addition of various sensing instruments or components.

Magnetic Shielding: To reduce effects of EMI generated by the solenoid, an iron casing can be installed around the solenoid to contain much of the field.

Quiet Actuation: A significant noise reduction can be achieved through the addition of external compliant stops.

Please contact us for a list of in-stock shutters, or to discuss a custom shutter design for your specific application.