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Applications for Rotary Actuators

Brandstrom Instruments supplies highly reliable rotary actuators, rotary drive shutters and flag mechanisms to virtually all major aerospace, defense and scientific instrumentation companies.  Our products are designed to be MIL STD 810 G compliant, and several of our designs have undergone and successfully completed independent operational and user testing.

Brandstrom Instruments was chosen by a major prime contractor to design and produce a shutter assembly for their 320 x 240 situational awareness thermal imaging system.

Brandstrom Instruments’ products can be found inside many high performance thermal imaging cameras, cooled and uncooled, providing internal focal uniformity references (NUC shutters).  Brandstrom is also embedded in systems requiring automated chromatic filters, laser barriers, aircraft instrument warning flags and many other military applications.

Defense Related Rotary Actuator Applications

Military applications of specialized rotary actuators include weapon sights, surveillance (air and ground), and driver and situational viewers.

Scientific Applications for Rotary Actuators

SRI International’s Miniaturized Vacuum Ultraviolet Photometer for CubeSat. Click to enlarge.

For scientific purposes, Brandstrom products are found in calibrated and un-calibrated optronic systems whenever precise internal references, filters and barriers are embedded in the optical path.

Introduction of our rotary solenoid shutters into client products provides design engineers with a scaleable technical baseline that is capable of evolving as their product adapts to market driven changes.

Brandstrom Instruments can provide innovative solutions to your shutter needs. Please take a look at our products, then contact us to discuss your specific shutter application.

Actuator Q&A

What is a rotary solenoid actuator?

A rotary solenoid actuator is an rotary solenoid but with an attachment other than a shutter meant to move another device in the system.

How do solenoid actuators work?

A solenoid actuator works on the same principle as all other solenoids, but with an attachment other than a shutter meant to perform work. See solenoids in action.