The Brandstrom Instruments BI-SC1001 Solenoid Controller is the easy-to-use, versatile plug-and-play solution for your laboratory rotary solenoid controlling needs.

Simply connect to your Brandstrom Instruments rotary solenoid device (optical shutter, filter changer, etc.) and to your power supply, set the operating mode (bi-stable or self-restoring), dial in your desired pulse width and dwell time settings and you are up and running. Manually trigger single output pulses at-will or let the unit cycle them at your desired settings.

Alternatively, connect to your PC and remotely control your rotary solenoid device through TTL serial communication. Remotely trigger single output pulses at-will or program in and run a cycling output sequence to your desired settings.


Dimensions above in inches [millimeters].

Input/Output Power 3 to 24 V DC; max. 2 W
Operating Modes Bi-Stable; Self-Restoring
Local/Manual Control
Pulse Width Ranges
Cycling Dwell Time Range
20-200ms, bi-stable; 250ms-300s, self-restoring
Remote Control
Communication Protocol
Pulse Width
Sequence Interval Duration
Number of Sequence Intervals
Cycle Count
Available Cycling Commands
Serial TTL (via included cable)
User-defined, max. 200ms
User-defined, max. 1000s
User-defined, max. 16
User-defined, max. 1 million
Start; Pause; Resume; Stop

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Key Features

  • 3 to 24V DC Input/Output
  • Bi-stable and Self-restoring Operating Modes
  • Local/Manual Control
    • Single Pulse & Cycling Outputs
    • 20-200ms Bi-Stable PW
    • 250ms-300s Self-Restoring PW
    • 200ms-10s Cycling Dwell Time
  • Remote Control
    • Single Pulse & Programmable Single/Cycling Sequence Outputs
    • Varied Duration Capability for Sequence Intervals
    • Finite Cycle Count Capability
    • Available Sequence/Cycle Commands: Start, Pause, Resume and Stop


  • Control any other small electromechanical device including, but not limited to:
    • Other types of rotary solenoids
    • Linear solenoids
    • Motors
    • Valves
    • Actuators
    • Latches
    • Electromagnets
  • An OEM version is available for integration into your overall system
  • Brandstrom Instruments can also custom design and deliver a controller solution specific to your unique application

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